Learn the natural way about behavioural training for dogs in Singapore without using harsh methods, equipment or gimmicks!



Guaranteed visible improvements within one session

Using only kind correction and positive reinforcement methods

No harsh methods (shouting, smacking, etc.) or tools (e-collar, prong collar, etc.)

Owners will be closely guided on carrying out training techniques by Our Trainer


Our customised one-on-one dog training programme is done at personalised locations to correct specific behavioural issues. We will work with both dogs and owners in the form of individual sessions where optimum attention is provided, hence achieving maximum results. This is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

Each individual training session includes:

  • Addressing and solving specific behavioural issues

  • Training of owners in handling and reacting to those issues

Behavioural training rates:

Single session Package      $220/hr

3-Sessions Package        $540($180/hr)

5-Sessions Package        $825($165/hr)

10-Sessions Package    $1550($155/hr)

  • Each training session is approximately 60 minutes.

  • Do note that upfront payment for the total respective package is required.

To view examples of a few case studies, you may Click here.

If you wish to discuss your dog’s behavioural issues, please call us at 90281738 or Contact Us.