Through the consultation, we will assess, give insights into your dog's behaviour and briefly demonstrate our effective customized training approach!


  • Held in the comfort of your home

  • The program will be customised to resolve your dog’s behavioural issues

  • The fee is not inclusive of the training slip leash that may be recommended

  • Get to understand your dog's behaviour before committing to training packages

  • To be closely guided on carrying out training techniques, refer to behavioural training sessions

Our Consultation service consists of 2 aspects:

  1. Theory aspect. This includes discussing tips and tricks which would shape you into an ideal pack leader, which reduces the intensity or tendency for your dog to display the observable behavioural issues.

  2. Practical aspect. Our Trainer would briefly display the customised training techniques suited to your dog. We are proficient in addressing behavioural issues such as jumping, fearfulness, excessive barking, biting, chewing, stealing food, stranger uncertainty, aggression and more.

Because of our rich knowledge and experience, only a brief description of your dog’s behavioural issues is required prior to the Home Consultation session. We are known to make accurate assessments and effectively react to any behavioural issues on the spot, in your presence.

A program will then be recommended to address ALL your dog’s behavioural issues. Progress will be monitored weekly via Watsapp, SMS or Email and is part of the free lifetime support that we offer.

Home Consultation Fees

1 Session (about 1 hour) : $200

If you wish to discuss your dog’s behavioural issues, please call us at 90281738 or contact us.